Threshold (2018)

for solo piano, 8'

Written for Strangers in a Room (Lucy Yao, piano; Moscelyne ParkeHarrison, choreographer; Barry Gans, choreographer)

Premiered March 2018 at the Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY

An Act of Contention/Scar (2017)

for violin, double bass, percussion, 9'

Written as part of the Juilliard School's Composer Choreographer Collaborative Project with Ethan Colangelo, choreographer

Premiered November 2017 at the Willson Theatre, New York, NY

I Remember Everything (2015)

for clarinet, saxophone, violin, double bass, percussion, 6'

Written for the Charlotte New Music Festival in collaboration with Lauren Bickerstaff, choreographer

Premiered June 2015 by members of the Great Noise Ensemble at Queens University in Charlotte, NC